How Jesus Responded to Rejection

We all have felt the pain of rejection.  Whether it was when we were in school and did not get picked to be on a particular team, or as an adult overlooked for that job position and never acknowledged for the work you do.  So many forms of rejection.

It is one thing to be rejected by a stranger, but quite another to be rejected by people who know you and care for you, your own people.  Jesus felt this type of rejection from his home town, his own people.  And he teaches us in Mark chapter 6 how to respond to rejection, with compassion.  In this scripture Jesus did not reject back but loved back.

Today Jesus continues to be rejected and his response is the same, with compassion and grace.

As disciples he teaches us to do the same.  He sends us out, but not alone, together as a community of faith, so that we can strengthen and encourage one another, comfort each other in times of rejection, lift each other up and be in discernment with one another so that we are stirred to action fully relying on God for the journey.

Lord help me to be this type of disciple, that I do not reject people, especially when they have rejected me,  but love them in all circumstances.

Have you ever felt rejected and were able to responded like Jesus?  Share your story with me.


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