The Story within the Story – Blind Faith

I saw God today as I read a familiar scripture.  Mark 5:21-43 shares about the story of the unnamed woman who reached out and touched the hem of Jesus garment.  Most of the time when reading this scripture this is where the focus is,on the woman.  But in the book of Mark this scripture also shares about a man named Jarius who is a synagogue ruler whose 12 year old daughter is about to die.  This is the story within the familiar story. 

Jairus falls at Jesus feet and ask Jesus to save his daughter.  They are traveling to Jarius house so that Jesus can see his daughter when the unnamed woman arrives.  An unexpected delay for Jarius.  While Jesus is speaking with this woman some people from Jarius house came to tell him his daughter had died.  During this unexpected delay, his daughter has died.  Spend some time thinking about how he felt in this moment.  The men that came to give him this news tells him to leave the teacher and go home – in other words Jesus can’t help you now.  But Jesus looks at him and says “don’t be afraid, just believe”.  At this point Jairus has a choice to make, to either follow Jesus or turn away and go home.  In this situation which choice would you make?  Jarius decided to follow Jesus with no expectations, there was no reason to believe that Jesus could raise his daughter from the dead, but he believed and had faith that Jesus had a good plan for him, he couldn’t see the details of the plan, he followed with blind faith.


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