God Whispered…Jesus Loves Me

We had a wonderful opportunity to go to Magnolia Community Service to administer ashes to the 253 adults with special needs.

To logistically take all of these adults to church would not be possible. So God opened the door so that we could go to them.  In order for this to happen it took many hands, this was where connectionalism in the United Methodist church came together.

We had a plan! Everything well planned out who was going to do what and when. All the adults came into the room where we were set up. We were waiting on one group to come and everyone began to get a little restless. In my spirit God whispered, sing Jesus Loves Me, so I asked them if they wanted to sing a song, and they said yes. I asked them if they knew Jesus Loves Me, and only half of them raised their hands, wow only half. So we sang Jesus Loves Me and by the end everyone was singing the words and it was just a trans-formative magical moment.

Our plan went out the window and the message of the day was Jesus Loves Me.

When God has a plan ….he will work through you to make it happen…are you listening to his whispers?

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