Iced Cold Tea

In prayer I was complaining that my plan was not going the way I wanted, in others words I wanted my own way!  God reminded me that He has a good plan for me.  I had just promised to be still and trust His plan, and then a couple of days later complaining again.

I then remembered that when I was a little girl, if I did not get my way I would hold my breath until I passed out.  Can you believe it?  My mom got enough of that and began to pour a cold pitcher of iced tea on my face. Well I stopped that mess.  My mom knew what was best for me and sometimes that meant iced cold tea.

Dear God, pour some iced cold tea on me when I pitch a fit trying to get my own way.  Help me to trust your plan, believing and knowing that your  plan is always better than my plan.  In Jesus Name – Amen!

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