I saw God today …..11/4/15

I saw God today through an answered prayer and blessings.  I had been praying that somehow I would be able to pay off a debt to free up some monthly funds so that I would not worry about needing to work while I attended school.

I began to get prompted from God to review my financial retirement plan.  So I scheduled an appointment to review where we were on the plan.  During our discussions, I mentioned that I received some paperwork about a pension for a company that I had worked for in the past.  The suggestion, call.

So I called only to discover that another company had purchased the company I worked for and had done away with pensions.  The company had been trying to get in touch with me about my pension and the deadline to claim it was two days away.  Not only that, the requirement to be vested in the pension was that you should have worked at least 10 years. When we looked at my time worked at this company I was 6 months shy of 10 years and the company waived the time and gave me the money anyway.

When God wants to show me that He is taking care of me, He always does it in a bold way!

Praise be to God!

How is God taking care of You?  Share your story

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